Bow Wow Woke Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

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Woke Up (Freestyle) Lyrics

Bow Wow

  • Bow wow:
  • Bently GT on the highway insane switchin lanes gotta bad chick givin me brain
  • whoever said you had skills had to be lyin
  • say it for the record fuck don imus
  • its the B capitol O capitol DUB
  • TLC rappaz cuz them niggas is scrubs (trash)
  • look im with the games been missin
  • talk slick betta cool it now like new edition - 2x
  • i know you just wishin
  • i hear these niggas dissin
  • my jordan sneeks tied tight so im neva trippin
  • im neva fallin bow is what they call him
  • and you can watch espn and see that i be ballin
  • and yall niggas cant touch us
  • diamonds in my chain the same color as mustard
  • so dont cross me like caution tape
  • bow dont forget the wow had to remind you lames
  • gone
  • cant rhyme with the money im paid in full
  • my doors lift up on the ride you see the bull
  • red card no visa
  • demands my respect like aretha
  • and ya money low like a ceasar
  • i do this son
  • and if you bet against the dog then you must be dumb
  • and they dont make them like me no more
  • im one of a kind
  • im rare like an eclipse nigga hard to find
  • body any MC out
  • put some money up
  • if you aint talkin bout matchin a bet then what we talkin for
  • 1.5 recievin them checks
  • hatas is mad
  • cuz like the shoe stores them niggas get paid less
  • cant nobody do it like Teressas son
  • diamonds everywhere no wonder why wrist is numb
  • success is over and now its back to business
  • top 5 rappas homie im the one you should mention
  • gone

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